ASC Break Room

Q: What are the requirements (if any) on co-mingling staff in a break room from an ASC located within mixed use facility? I have construction coming up that will kick the ASC staff out of their current break room, which is located in their space and is dedicated to them, and force them to share with the department next door to them. Is it required that the ASC staff have their own break room? I would think from an IC standpoint it’s a good idea because you can control the people and activities in a dedicated room, where if I have them share with the unit next door I haven’t got a good way to control who comes and goes. I am considering commandeering the adjacent department’s break room until the completion of construction at which time I can give the ASC staff their room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: The Life Safety Code does not prohibit the co-mingling of staff in a break room. However, your concerns for Infection Control issues are legitimate. What does your Infection Control practitioner say about this? I would follow their lead on the subject.

I would also suggest you contact your state and local authorities to determine if they have any restrictions on this issue.