Alcohol Based Hand-Rub (ABHR) Dispensers

Q: In the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code, section (9) states dispensers of ABHR are permitted to be installed directly over carpeted floors in fully sprinkled smoke compartments. My question is: Does said dispenser need to have the catch pan installed under it? My second question is: If said dispenser is installed on a pedestal (also called cough stations) and has a catch type pan or area under the dispenser, is it acceptable to place the pedestal in a carpeted floor that is not sprinkled?

A: No on both accounts. There is no provision in the Life Safety Code for catch-pans as part of the ABHR dispenser for a qualification for use in a carpeted area, in a non-sprinklered smoke compartment. While it kind-of makes sense, unfortunately there is no provision that allows ABHR dispensers with catch-pans to be installed in a carpeted areas that are not protected with sprinklers.