Access-Control Locks

Q: I have a question regarding access-control locks. I’m told that a PUSH TO EXIT button is required. My question: Is a PULL TO EXIT lever equivalent?

A: No… I would say a “PULL TO EXIT” lever is not equivalent. Section of the 2012 Life Safety Code refers to access-control locks which calls for a manual release device, located on the egress side, 40 inches to 48 inches vertically above the floor, and within 60 inches of the secured opening. The manual release device must be readily accessible and clearly identified by a sign that reads “PUSH TO EXIT”. When operated, the manual release device must result in direct interruption of power to the lock – independent of the locking system electronics – and the lock must remain unlocked for not less than 30 seconds.

A “PUSH TO EXIT” manual device is what’s required… not a “PULL TO EXIT” device.