ABHR Dispensers in Business Occupancies

Q: For business occupancies, does the requirement that alcohol based hand sanitizers cannot be installed above a carpeted floor apply? The business occupancy does not have an automatic fire suppression system.

A: Please be aware that alcohol based hand-rub (ABHR) dispensers are not permitted in the egress corridors of Business Occupancies. This is found in section 38/ of the 2012 LSC which references section 8.7 of the same code. Section states: “No storage or handling of flammable liquids or gases shall be permitted in any location where such storage would jeopardize egress from the structure…” Since corridors are used as paths of egress in business occupancies that means ABHR dispensers are not permitted in business occupancy corridors.

Now, sections 18/19/20/ of the 2012 LSC allows ABHR dispensers in corridors of healthcare occupancies and in ambulatory health care occupancies…. but not business occupancies. These sections do allow ABHR dispensers that are mounted over carpeted floors, provided they are located in fully sprinklered smoke compartments. The 2012 Life Safety Code does not restrict ABHR dispensers in offices, exam rooms, and other rooms that are separated from the corridor in business occupancies.

So, to answer your question, the entire story where the ABHR dispenser is located over a carpeted floor must be protected with sprinklers. If you do not have sprinklers, then the ABHR dispensers would not be permitted in areas with carpeted floors. The NFPA standards do not have any exceptions for ABHR dispensers that have ‘drip trays’ built into them.