ABHR Dispensers

Q: We currently have ABHR installed on the outside of our patient bays and would like to install an additional dispenser in the patient bay itself (at the point of use). If an ABHR container is installed on the wall on the outside of the patient bay next to the door, can a dispenser be installed on the other side of the wall on the inside of the bay next to the door (they would mirror each other; one interior and one exterior). I did measure the distance between the two from interior to exterior and it is only 1 ft. wrapped around. What is the interpretation of the 4-foot dispenser separation requirement? Just want to make sure we are in compliance with LSCs!

A: The interpretation I received is the ABHR dispensers need to be separated by 4 feet (horizontally), including a wrap-around a door frame. So, what you described (ABHR dispensers separated by only 1-foot, but on separated sides of the wall) would not be permitted.