ABHR Dispensers

Q: Could you clarify the placement of alcohol based hand dispensers in corridors and waiting rooms.  I was just looking for clarification.

A: For healthcare occupancies (i.e. hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care, free-standing ERs) follow section of the 2012 Life Safety Code for alcohol based hand-rub (ABHR) dispensers, which basically says:

  • You cannot mount them in corridors less than 6 feet wide
  • Maximum dispenser capacity is 1.2 L for rooms and corridors and 2.0 L for suites
  • Maximum dispenser capacity for aerosol containers is 18 oz.
  • Dispensers must be separated from each other by 48 inches
  • Not more than 10-gallon aggregate total of ABHR solution or 1135 oz. of aerosol solution shall be in use outside of a storage cabinet per smoke compartment, except for the next bullet point
  • One dispenser per room shall not be included in the aggregate quantities mentioned above
  • Storage of quantities greater than 5 gallons in a single smoke compartment must meet the requirements of NFPA 30 (1-hour FRR room, or fire-resistant cabinet)
  • Dispensers must be mounted at least 1 inch away (as measured side-to-side) from ignition sources, and cannot be mounted above ignition sources
  • Dispensers mounted over carpeted floors are permitted only in sprinklered smoke compartments
  • Maximum 95% alcohol by content
  • The dispenser must be designed, constructed and operated in such a way that ensures accidental or malicious activation of the dispensing device is minimized

For ambulatory health care occupancies (ASCs, outpatient physical therapy) you follow section which is essentially the same as For business occupancies (physician’s offices, administration facilities) there is nothing in the occupancy chapter that permits ABHR dispensers in corridors, but other than corridors, you would follow the same as above.