Your Help and Understanding is Appreciated….

Hello readers…

If you are not already aware of this, I am a one-person organization. I do have a partner (Alise Howlett, of Codenity) when I do boot camps, but the website is all my own and I answer every question submitted, myself.

As you know, I do not charge for the Q&A service nor do I charge for the use of the reference information in this website. This is my way of paying back to the industry that I love and helping others along the way. It is also my only marketing approach for my consultation business.

The problem is, when I get real busy with consulting work, I do not always have the time to answer reader’s questions. Since answering your questions is a free service that I offer, I don’t apologize for taking the time to reply to your questions. For example; right now, I have a backlog of questions that are unanswered that date back to August 23 of this year.

I will eventually get around to answering your question, but your understanding is appreciated if I don’t answer right away.

Here are some suggestions that you can do to make the Q&A process a little easier for all of us:

  • Please use punctuation when you write your questions. At times, I receive a question that has run-on sentences without any punctuation, and it makes it difficult to understand what the reader is asking.
  • Please take the time to proof-read your question. I know everyone is busy and time is precious, but if you just read what you wrote before you send it, perhaps you will catch some typographical errors that could make it easier for me to understand what you’re asking.
  • Please understand that I only take healthcare questions related to the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, 2012 edition, and related referenced standards. I do not answer questions regarding the International Building Code, your state’s regulatory requirements, Infection Control related questions, nor do I speak on behalf of any of the accreditation organizations (AO). While I may have knowledge on certain issues that the AOs may have, I cannot provide official interpretations that they may have. (Please feel free to contact your AO directly with questions).
  • Please make sure your email address is correct. At times, when I reply to a question, I receive a bounce-back reply that the email address provided to me is invalid, or the inbox is full and will not receive any new emails. There is nothing I can do about this, if your email address does not receive my reply.
  • Please… when you are referencing a code or standard, please provide the code or standard number and the edition that you are referencing. This makes a huge difference in my ability to understand what you’re asking.
  • Please do not use abbreviations without first writing out the full description first. I’ve received questions with abbreviations that I do not know or understand, and have to write back asking the reader what it means. This only slows the process down.

You’re cooperation and understanding when you ask questions is greatly appreciated.