Dec 02 2015

When Will CMS Adopt the 2012 Life Safety Code?

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Q: When will CMS adopt the new 2012 Life Safety Code? It seems they are taking a long time to do it.

A: I don’t know when CMS will finally adopt the 2012 Life Safety Code, if at all. They certainly have made formal statements that they are considering adopting the 2012 LSC; in December 2011 they announced that they are reviewing the 2012 edition for consideration of adoption, and in April 2014 they published a proposed rule of adopting the 2012 LSC and requested the public to send them comments, which they did. But since then, there has not been any official announcement concerning the adoption of the 2012 LSC. Some people think the adoption is a political event, tied to Congress and the President’s approval, which is not true. It may be political, but contrary to popular myth, Congress does not have to vote on approving CMS adopting a new edition of the LSC, and the President does not have to sign it into law. The last time I talked with an official representative from CMS’s home office in Baltimore, they said the decision when to adopt the 2012 LSC is now in the hands of their lawyers. Stay tuned…


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