Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Form

Differences Between Healthcare, Ambulatory Healthcare Care, and Business Occupancies
Differences Between HCO AHCO and BO 1-11-18

Fire Drill Report
Fire Drill Report 7-26-16

Fire Watch
Fire Watch Form 6-12-16
Fire Watch Log 6-12-16

Hazard Vulnerability Assessment
Hospital HVA – ShortForm
96-Hour Assessment Matrix

Interim Life Safety Measures
ALSM Assessment Form 6-12-16

Life Safety Document Review Session
Life Safety Documentation Requirements 9 4-03-18

Above Ceiling Work Permit
Above Ceiling Work Permit

Construction Site Inspection
Construction Site Inspection Report

Hot Work Permit
Hot Work Permit Form

Pre-Construction & Infection Control
Pre-Construction & Infection Control Risk Assessment

Safety Rounds Inspection

Changes the New 2012 Life Safety Code Will Bring
Summary of the Changes the New 2012 Life Safety Code Will Bring 12-1-16

Fire Door Inspection Form
Fire Door Inspection Form

Changes to the 2018 Joint Commission Life Safety Chapter
Changes to the 2018 Joint Commission LS Chapter

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle Inspection Form
GFCI Receptacle Inspection Form 1-16-18

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Annual Inspection Form
Emergency Shower Annual Inspection Form 1-16-18
Eyewash Station Annual Inspection Form 1-16-18

Fire Alarm System Test Report
Fire Alarm System Test Report

Receptacle Testing Form
Receptacle Testing Form 4-2-18

Elevator Test Form
Elevator Recall Test Form 5-16-18

Generator Weekly Inspection Report 6-8-18
Generator Monthly Load Test Report 6-8-18

Door Locks
Access-Controlled Lock Inspection Form 6-14-18
Delayed Egress Lock Inspection Form 6-14-18

CMS AEM Program
CMS Alternative Equipment Management Program
CMS AEM Documentation List 1-18-18

Sprinkler Inspection Form
Sprinkler Inspection Form 4-2-18
Sprinkler Testing and Inspection Requirements – NFPA and TJC 7-2-18

Power Strips
CMS CoP 482.41(a) Interpetive Guidelines on Power Strips