Elevator Recall

Q: We are putting in fire recall on our elevators.  Now the elevator people are telling us that due to the age of some of our elevators they can only do a primary and no secondary floor for recall.  The way I read the code is we are required to have both a primary and secondary floor.  The elevator people say they can upgrade the older elevators to do this if we require.  So I need to confirm with you that we are required to have both a primary and secondary floor for elevator recall.  Thanks

A: Section 19.5.3 of the 2000 edition of the LSC requires compliance with section 9.4 which in turn requires compliance with ASME A17.3 Safety Code for Existing Elevators. This standard in turn requires compliance with section 2.27 of ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, which requires a primary designated floor and an alternative designated floor for automatic recall. I know this is a lot of referencing different codes and standards, but overall I would have to agree that Fire Fighter’s Service Phase 1 (aka automatic recall) requires the elevator car to automatically recall to the primary designated floor and the alternative designated floor. I know this may be a major expense to retrofit these elevators for recall, but it is a worth-while project for overall safety. There is nothing wrong with staging these upgrades to one group of elevators per year, or so. Joint Commission typically does not have a problem with this.

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