Jun 08 2015

Wireless Nurse Call System

Category: Nurse Call Systems,Questions and AnswersBKeyes @ 1:00 am

Q: We are looking at the difference between a “wired” and “wireless” nurse call system in our healthcare facility addition. Our current health center has a “wired” call system however our I.T. department wants us to go with a “wireless” system. I could see where it will only take one bad incident with a wireless system and the authorities will say that everyone must have a wired system or have one as a back-up. What is your thought on this subject?

A: My experience with the national accreditation organizations is they are all for new technology. While none of them have standards or interpretations that directly address the use of wireless technology (that I am aware of), I believe they would be in favor of it. However, if there is a perceived risk in using wireless technology then that risk must be assessed through a risk assessment and appropriate mitigation activities implemented. The bottom line is this: You get to decide the level of mitigation activities for a wireless nurse call system. If you decide having a hard-wired system in place as a back-up system is appropriate, then that is what you do. Other possibilities include a manual bell system, or post additional aids or runners in the corridors listening for a call until the wireless system is up and running again.