Mar 20 2017

Interior Finish

Category: Interior Finish,Questions and AnswersBKeyes @ 12:00 am

Q: I would like to know the 2012 Life Safety Code requirements for an audio testing room in a high rise hospital building. The floor, wall and ceilings are covered with cloth materials similar to carpet. The room has been protected by smoke detector and sprinkler.

A: The wall coverings that you describe would not be considered decorations, but rather interior finish. Section of the 2012 LSC requires interior finish to meet section 10.2 and limits them to Class A or Class B materials. Class A materials have a flame spread of 0 – 25 and Class B materials have a flame spread of 26 – 75. Both Class A and Class B have smoke development index of 0 – 450. So, make sure your wall coverings in the audio room meet these flame spread and smoke development ratings. These rating are not dependent on the presence of smoke detectors or sprinklers.

You may also want to discuss this issue with your Infection Control individual as cloth material would be difficult to clean.