May 11 2015

Compressed Flammable Gas

Q: Can we store compressed butane gas cylinders used for food-warming and heating in the kitchen or do they require special storage?

 A: NFPA 30 requires all flammable gases and liquids exceeding 1 gallon (aggregate total) must be stored in a proper fire rated cabinet, or in a hazardous room with 1-hour fire rated barriers. You are not allowed to store mixed substances, such as combustibles with flammable liquids and gasses. For quantities less than 1 gallon, they must be stored in their original container, or in a special safety can. Joint Commission does have a standard (EC.02.01.01) whereby they could cite you for having any flammable liquid or gas stored outside a fire rated cabinet regardless of the quantity.  

May 26 2014

Flammable Liquids

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Q: Are there any special storage requirements for flammable liquids and flammable aerosol cans in the work area?

A: Yes, flammable liquids in all forms and capacities must be stored in compliance with section of the 2000 edition of the Life Safety Code, which in turn requires compliance with NFPA 30, 1996 edition. According to NFPA 30, class IA flammable liquids are permitted to be stored outside of a protected cabinet as long as the container is not greater than 1 gallon. As long as the aerosol can is less than 1 gallon, you should not have a problem with keeping it in a regular cabinet. Once you reach an aggregate total of 5 gallons of class IA flammable liquids, then they need to be stored in a fire-rated cabinet.