Apr 29 2013

Ventless Fireplaces

Category: Fireplaces,Questions and AnswersBKeyes @ 6:00 am

Q: Are gas-fired ventless fire places permitted in nursing homes?

A: I would say they are not permitted, but it has a lot to do whether or not the gas ventless fireplace is considered to be a heating device by the AHJ. According to section of the 2000 edition of the LSC, it says fuel-fired heating devices must be connected to a chimney or a vent. The key issue here is whether or not the gas ventless fireplace is considered a heating device or not. I know many people consider gas fireplaces as aesthetic devices only, but they do produce heat even though that may not be the reason they are requested, so I would say the ventless devices are not permitted. If I were the AHJ and you asked me, I would say no. But you can ask all 5 or 6 of your AHJs and see what they say, but if only one of the bunch says no, then you cannot do it.

If you wanted to install a gas fireplace that is vented, you would have to do so in an area that is separated from patient sleeping areas by a 1-hour fire rated barrier. You would also have to meet other NFPA standards for construction. See section 9.2.2 of the 2000 edition of the LSC for details