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Door Frames

Q: I had an independent Life Safety inspection and during the inspection the inspector cited me for my 2-hour fire door frames not having a fire rating visible. I explained that we went to a fire rated continuous hinge on these doors that covered the labels. He said that that was not enough, he needed more »

Patient Therapy Artwork: Decorations vs. Communication

Q: You once said this regarding bulletin board decorations: If the bulletin board is decorated then yes; it is counted as decorations. But if the bulletin board is simply communication documents, then they are not decorations (even if they are combustible) and they are not counted in the wall surface calculations for decorations. I would more »

Strange Observations – Part 50

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… We already talked about this issue on ‘Strange Observations – Part 20’ posted April 5, 2018, but it’s worth revisiting. You cannot have home-made components installed on the fire alarm system. The threaded rod is not UL listed for this more »

Clean Waste Containers

Q: I have a question regarding recycling containers referenced in section of the 2012 LSC. It outlines the requirements for clean recycling and patient records awaiting destruction.  Do the requirements for FM Approval (or equivalent) apply to containers less than 32 gallons or just for containers 32 to 96 gallons? The way the code more »

Fire Pins

Q: I have a concern regarding the use of fire pins in fire rated door leaves: Since the latching feature of these devices is not testable (that I’m aware of, anyway), and as these doors are prone to abuse and sometimes require adjustment for clearance issues and so forth, how do we ensure the alignment more »

New Forms on the ‘Tools’ Webpage

This is a special posting to let you know there are 6 new forms on the ‘Tools’ webpage for you to download for free: Advantages if the Building is Sprinklered – This form identifies all of the advantages that you can take  if your building is fully sprinklered. Building Tour by the Numbers – This more »

Fire Watch Guidance

Q: We are looking for guidance now that the language of “If a fire watch is required, fire/smoke detection or alarm system outage” has become a point of conversation with our local and state Fire Marshals. We can’t seem to get a straightforward answer from them as to when exactly we need to implement a more »

Strange Observations – Part 49

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… Sorry for another out-of-focus picture. I was still having difficulty adjusting to my new smart phone (I should have had my grand-daughter teach me how to use it). Maximum corridor projections are limited to 4-inches, says CMS. This stairwell evacuation more »