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Christmas Garland

Q: We are a fully sprinkled hospital. Is it permissible to hang Christmas garland from the ceiling, as long as we stay away from sprinkler heads and abide by the 30% rule? Does the garland need to be fire-retardant? A: According to section (4) of the 2012 Life Safety Code, combustible decorations such as more »

Strange Observations – Electrical Panel Clearance

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… Remember I have been saying that clearance must be maintained in front of electrical panels for 36 inches, from the floor to the top of the electrical equipment? No? Well, it does, and it applies to electrical panels such as more »

Smoke Detector Disabled

Q: If a smoke detecting device is disabled for a breathing treatment (often for several days), what sort of fire watch, notification or signage is necessary? A: None. Fire watches are not for a single device taken out of service, or for a single device found to be impaired. According to section A. of the more »

Cabinets in a Corridor – Part 1

Q: It appears that the LSC allows up to 50 square feet of unprotected storage but also includes language that suggests it may need to be protected in accordance with 8.7 depending on the level of hazard. It is my experience that storage in a nurse station (even if combustible) is acceptable because it is more »

Illuminated Pumpkin – CORRECTION

On October 23, 2018, I posted a picture of this illuminated pumpkin and wrote that the extension cord could not be used since Article 400.8 (3) of NFPA 70-2011 says flexible cords could not be used as a substitute for fixed wiring. But just recently, a reader asked why this illuminated pumpkin would not qualify for Article 590.3(B) more »

Extension Cords

Q: Under CMS, is it possible to use a UL listed power cord (extension cord), permanently attached to the equipment assembly providing it meets the ampacity requirements? If yes, what UL listing? UL 1363 A and UL 60601-1 are only power strips and I’m looking for a single outlet configuration that meets the UL requirements. more »

Strange Observations – Wall Sconce Projection

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… Do you ever think about your corridor wall sconce light fixtures projecting more than 4-inches into the corridor…? I do. [Hey… AH: I made that change that you suggested.]

Fire Hose Valves

Q: We recently had our fire sprinkler inspection and was informed by the vendor that with the new 2012 LSC updates, every fire hose connection valve weather it is 1½ inch or 2½ inch needs to be tested and operated annually to verify they are in working order. We have had our fire hoses removed more »