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Evacuation During a Fire

Q: We are a hospital and if there was a fire, say at the northeast part of the building does everyone throughout the whole building have to evacuate the building or only the ones on that side of the building? Same thing with fire drills; does everyone have to evacuate? A: No… Everyone does not more »

Fire Extinguishers in Vehicles

Q: What is the standard on fire extinguishers in work vehicles? We have them in our transit vans to our home health nurses. Do we need them inspected and retagged every year like our buildings? Also do they need a monthly check as well? A: I am not aware of any NFPA code or standard more »

Strange Observations – Part 44

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals… I believe those electrical panels installed in this stairwell were for new access-control lock badge readers on a series of doors on the unit served by this stairwell. Can’t do it… You cannot make new penetrations into a stairwell for more »

Qualifications of Personnel

Q: We recently acquired a hospital that has been performing segments of their own fire system testing. What are the specific requirements or qualifications for an individual conducting testing or inspections on fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems? A: NFPA 72-2010, section requires a certified individual to perform service, testing, inspection and maintenance on more »

Wood-Frame Addition

Q: Years ago, our state health department approved an addition to a hospital that I supervise. The addition is wood framed, not sprinkler protected, and does not have the required 2-hour fire barrier separation (yes, I’m serious). Recently, sprayed-on fire proofing began to fall from the deck. After consultation, we’ve decided the best course of more »

Weekend Fire Drills

Q: Do you know anything about fire drills on weekends? What is the requirement? A: Section of the 2012 LSC says fire drills must be conducted quarterly on each shift to familiarize facility personnel with the signals and emergency action required, under varied conditions. The accreditation organizations (AOs) have standards that say similar things. more »

Strange Observations – Part 43

Continuing in a series of strange things that I have seen while consulting at hospitals…   Where do you see public pay-phones in a hospital, anymore….? In the behavioral health unit, that’s where. Or at least, that is where I saw this one. The problem here is the phone and the wood booth projects more more »

Fire Door Inspection Records

Q: Do fire door inspection records need to be maintained for 3 years? A: I would say at least 3-years, and longer as needed. NFPA 80-2010 section 5.2.1 says fire door assemblies must be inspected and tested not less than annually, and a written record of the inspection must be signed and kept for inspection more »

Fire Treated Wood in Walls

Q: I have a contractor coming in to put up a wall in our nursing home dining room. He is wanting to use fire treated wood. Would this be acceptable to the Life Safety Code? A: Did you first discuss this with your architect? Or did you first discuss this with your state agency that more »

ASC Break Room

Q: What are the requirements (if any) on co-mingling staff in a break room from an ASC located within mixed use facility? I have construction coming up that will kick the ASC staff out of their current break room, which is located in their space and is dedicated to them, and force them to share more »